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All you need to do is be observant about the gamemaster who has set it up. Knowing the sequence of game play would help you get a high score on this game. There are four decks that you could choose from when playing this game. These are the Mix, Deck, Exotic and Blend. Each of these decks has different options in terms of winning 20 spins at CoinMastergame Facebook.

To get the best scores for this game, you would need to take note of the conditions of each deck. Knowing how to play the game and winning 20 spins at CoinMastergame Facebook would take some practice. If you want to learn how to play this game and win 20 spins at CoinMastergame Facebook, it would be a good idea for you to practice a little before actually using your actual winnings to play the game. By playing online games, you can learn the basics on how to play this game and win 20 spins at CoinMastergame Facebook. It would be a good idea for you to check out this game on the website and see how to play this game and win 20 spins at CoinMastergame Facebook.

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If your goal is to get more free spins and coins on Coin Master, then you have landed on the right place. Here we gather all the available Coin Master free spins and coins links for you in one place, plus some bonus methods on how you can get more Spins and Coins for free.

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Daily Coin Master spins and coins links

What is Coin Master?

Coin Master Game Trailer by MoonActive

With over 100 million downloads, Coin Master is without a doubt one of the most played mobile games nowadays.

Think of a base-building strategy game. Now add the exciting thrill of a slot machine to it and you will get Coin Master.

The gameplay is really straight forward. Players spin the slot machine to generate an action. You can raid other players’ villages, attack their bases, or get shields that help you defend yourself against other potential raiders, and coins with which you can buy equipment to build and upgrade your village’s construction.

The game is so simple yet compact a lot of thrill and action, once you get the hang of it will understand why it became one of the top 10 mobile games of all time.

It won’t take more than a couple of days of playing till you can comprehend the gameplay, and pick up the mechanics behind it. But of course, there are shortcuts you can use to your advantage to optimize your gameplay and improve your Coin Master experience.

Continue reading for a better understanding of the essential rules of the game. Plus more tips and tricks to polish your village building skills, and enlarge and protect your Coins stash and keep it safe from other attackers.

More ways of obtaining Spins & Coins.

Each day on our website we update for newly released Coin Master free spins links, so be sure to check on us each day for more free spins and coins.

There are in fact a few other methods that help players obtain some more free Coin Master rewards, spins, and coins completely for free

1 – Refer your Facebook friends

One of the easiest ways of getting more free coin master spins is to invite your friends to play the game. for each friend you invite via Facebook, you get 40 free spins.

all they have to do is accept your invite, download the game and log in with their Facebook. depending on how much friends you have, this can add up so fast and get you loads and loads of free Coin Master spins

2 – Email subscription

You can sign-up for Email rewards. by doing that. and each day you might receive new links on your email and all you have to do is follow the links and redeem your free Coin Master Spins

3 – Gifting

If you invite that many friends to coin master you basically unlock the option of gifting each other.

that means that you are allowed to gift and receive free Coin Master spins & coins from your friends. you should know that this option is limited to 100 Spins per day so use it wisely

4 – Spin more

It might be ironic but nevertheless it’s still true. you can spin the machine slot for more free spins.

all you need is to acquire three energy capsules and you automatically get 10 free spins, with a little bit of luck, do that a lot and you might be surprised how many free spins you can get

5 – Wait

Free spins come to those who wait, it’s true, each hour you get 5 more free spins that can add up to a total of 50 spins. so if you are the patient kind, then this should be a piece of cake for you

6 – Leveling up

Each time you level up, upgrade your village you will receive some free spins which will come handy later, especially that leveling up is not easy it takes a lot of effort, luck, and a huge amount of coins to purchase and upgrade your base and village but it will be all worth it

7 – Video ads

By watching some video ads that are displayed on the Coin Master app, you can get a limited amount of free spins when you do that.

Simply scroll down the slot machine and click the spin energy button and you are there, watch some ads and obtain some sweet free spins

8 – Coin Master Events

Every week there is always at least one event going on in Coin Master. and it can absolutely get you loads of free Spins Coin Master.

you can find if there are any events available by simply checking the top right of the screen, they are displayed as virtual buttons under the menu

As an example, at the time of writing this guide, there are two events going on:

  • The pet adventure: rewards you with spins and more for getting three paw print symbols, as well as attacking and participating in raids
  • Cards boom: you get more cards inside of chests

Take advantage of these events as they can really be beneficial to your gameplay, and maximize your Coin Master experience

Here are some very important Coin Master’s essentials, basic knowledge, and some tips & tricks

Coin Master almost does a good job of introducing new players to the game’s most important mechanics and basic nations, by displaying a short tutorial once a new player begins the game.

Below, we will expand some of those basics just in case some of you needed more explaining. also, some bonus tricks & tips that the tutorial doesn’t explain.

Everything in Coin Master free spins goes around obtaining Coin and the way you spend them. besides purchasing coins from the in-game shop, there are basically three primary methods of getting coins in Coin Master

Free Spin And Coin Public Links
  • Winning coins from spinning the slot machine
  • Attacking other player’s bases and villages
  • Raiding other player’s bases and villages

As we will mention further, in order to generate one of these actions you need to perform a spin on the slot machine

The Slot Machine

No pun intended, but this is what the Coin Master games spin around. as every action you might take is performed by taking a spin on the slot machine.

You can access the slot machine easily by swiping down from the village view or by opening the menu in-game and selecting the slot machine.

The current number of spins available to you will be displayed under the slot machine, this number automatically goes down by one, each time you take a spin on the slot machine.

To perform an action you will have to three of the same symbol on a row, each symbol defines an action or a reward

More explanation of what symbols are and what they do

Attack | The Hammer

Thor’s Hammer does a lot of damage. and that’s exactly what you will need it to do.

if you get an entire row of Hammers you can attack another player’s base. you can even initiate an attack on your friends if not the game will choose a random player.

One the action is performed, the targeted player’s village will appear on your screen, then you must choose which of their buildings you wanna attack. Attacking that building gets you a coins reward and simultaneously reduces the star levels of the attacked building.

Bag of Coin | Coins

This one is self-explanatory. The bag of coin. gives you coins. the good part about this action is that you don’t need a full row of Bag of coin symbol to generate coins, just one will be enough to net you some good amount of coins. But, getting the full row gets an even larger amount of Coin Master free spins and coins

Free Coin And Spin Blog

The Pig Bandit | Raid

This one is our all-time favorite action. when you get four of the Pig Bandit symbol in a row, you will be able to automatically perform a Raid.

With this one, you won’t be able to choose the target of your raid as it is chosen directly by the game. when the raid begins you will be teleported to the Coin Master’s Village.

There, you’re given three shovels with which you will be able to dig holes, three exactly.

on the Coin Master’s village choose three spots to dig up; some of them might yield a great number of coins. the coins are then, taken directly from the victim’s coin stash to yours.

Shield | Defend

As you have probably guessed by now, Shield is there to protect you from upcoming attacks on your base. you can a total of three shields at once, meaning you will be protected three times from possible attacks.

You might lose some coins but your buildings and base will stay untouched and won’t go down in stars. You should know that Shield only protects you against Attacks, it has no power against Raids

Energy Capsule | Free 10 Spins

This one doesn’t require a lot of explaining, you simply get 10 more Free Spins each time you land three Energy Capsule symbol. do that a few times and with enough luck, you might generate a great number of spins, which will come very handy later in the game.

Daily Bonus Wheel

Once every 24 hours, you can spin the Daily Bonus Wheel for free coins. The numbers of coins on the wheel show what will be received.

Once the coins have been collected by the players, they must wait for a countdown till the next time they can spin the wheel again. This stays a way for you to get your hands on some free coins that will definitely help you with your village building, items purchase, and more.

Super Bets

If you gather a large number of spins on your inventory, you can perform what know as Super Bet, which is a feature in Coin Master that massively enhance your chances and rewards on the Slot machine


Simply put, Villages represent “Levels” in Coin Master. each level consists of five buildings that you need to complete to advance to the next Village/Level.

Upgrading villages takes time and a lot of coins, and it becomes surprisingly hard, and expensive to do the further you advance in the game and more levels your climb.

As of now, there are 264 villages in Coin Master, each village has its own unique characteristics that can be achieved in Coin Master

Upon completing a village, you get a small reward in the form of free Coin Master spins, which is not much but still a nice thing to have. The more villages and levels you complete the bigger your rewards.

The list of villages is displayed on the official Coin Master website here “Coin Master Villages” if you want to take a look at it.


This is a fun one, the Revenge mechanic gives you the opportunity to take revenge on players who have attacked your village earlier.

That means if your village got attacked by another player, you get the chance to take your revenge on them. Call it a payback if you wish

For Revenge to be executed you have to you spin the slot machine, and land three Hammers. Normally the game will take you to the attack screen. But at the top of your screen, you will see the Revenge option, choose it, and a list of players who have previously attacked your village shown, and then it’s up to you and who you want to take justice on.


You can get cards by opening chests, which are purchased with coins on the in-game store. Every nine cards form a collection, and needless to say, there are multiple card collections with different themes.

Once you complete a card collection, you get rewarded with loads of coins and more free Coin Master spins, and even pets.

One of the exciting parts about cards is that they are tradable. Meaning, you can trade cards with other players on your friend’s list. Card trading is limited to five-card per day.

One more thing to note; depending on your village level, you get more valuable cards from the chests you open, and the higher your level the bigger the reward you get from completing a card collection.


As we mentioned previously, chests can be purchased via the in-game shop with coins.

The more expensive the chests, the more valuable they are, and the greater your chances of dropping high-quality cards.

You can also get Pet XP, Pet snacks, or bonus spins from these chests.

Card drop chances

Chests are a bit tricky, but, depending on what kind of chest you open, you can almost anticipate what kind of card you will get. Rule of thumb is, the more expensive the chest is, the greater the card drop chances.

For example, only the Ruby, valentine’s, and Mystery chests can drop you a Joker card, the rest will not.

As stated before, the higher your level the more percentage you get of unlocking rare chests. Golden, Magical, and Wooden chests are available with village-level 3. Big Easter chest is available at village 10. Valentine’s chest and Big lucky chests are unlockable upon reaching village 30. And the legendary Ruby chest at village 110.

According to Moon Active, the people behind developing Coin Master. So, These are probabilities of chest card dropping depending on your village level.

Pet Drop Chances

In the same way, a chest can drop your cards, it can also drop you pet snacks.

Also, Only two types of chests can drop you pet snacks; Valentine’s chest and Mystery chest.

Below are the percentages of the probabilities of these chests dropping pet snacks.

The Joker Card

The Joker card is the holy grail of all cards. Think of it as the ultimate card, with the Joker card you basically have the ability to transform it into any card. Ruby, Golden, Big Lucky, etc…

Anything you need or desire, this one comes really handy. You must note that Joker cards come with a limited time-use, meaning you should use it before it expires .

Bonus spins & pet XP

The following chests have the possibility of dropping free bonus spins which are also crucial for your Coin Master gameplay.

Ruby chests, Sapphire, and Emerald chests have probabilities of dropping bonus free spins.

As we mentioned before, the chest’s quality is heavily dependent on your village level.


In Coin Master, Pets are truly your best friends and most loyal allies that you can depend on.

They accompany you on your raids, attacks, and even help you defend your base against other rivals.


One of the first pets you collect on your Coin Master journey is Foxy, this pwt comes really useful in raids, as it will dig an additional fourth spot to get you even more coins

Foxy is unlocked upon reaching Village level 4, also a quick tutorial will show up, to guide you through feeding, and leveling them up.


Unlike the previous pet, to unlock Tiger you will have to complete the beasts card collection.

Then and only then, Tiger is unlocked. Its job mainly consists of increasing the number of coins you win during attacks. As long as Tiger is awake, you can expect big income from your attacks


Have no fear, Rhino is here. This pet really shows its potential when your village is under attack.

Rhino will block attacks even when you’re out of shields, which is really cool. Considering that you can’t anticipate when you’re gonna be attacked by another player. Leveling up Rhino offers better protection

Note that Rhino is only unlocked by completing the creature’s card collection.

Tips & Tricks

  • Don’tput all your eggs in one basket. Meaning, don’t hoard your coin stash. You never know you you are gonna be attacked or raided, so don’t let your coins sitting there, use them as soon as you acquire them.
  • Save your spins. You might be tempted to use your extra spins for super bets, or something. But by saving your spins. you have a better chance of raiding the top richest players Coin Masters.
  • If you are planning to raid. Never do it without having Foxy with you as your active pet. it will help you massively.
  • You should purchase chests on every village level you achieve. Especially the early low levels. The more you advance, the hard it will be to get low-level cards for your collection. And trust me you don’t want to wait for a Joker card just to complete a card collection, you could have done it levels ago.
  • Pet bonuses are only available for four hours after being activated, so, don’t go wasting them right and left. You should only have them activated when you intend to play. Especially the Rhino as it is very important to defending your base when it’s under attack.


  • How can I get more free Coin Master spins?

Simply, pay us a visit each day. And

you will find all the latest Coin Master spins links, ready and waiting for you.

  • How many levels are available now in Coin Master?

As of now, there are 264 village levels, but that can change anytime, as the game always adds new exciting levels.

  • Why I can’t find the shield, attack, raid symbols on the in-game shop?

Well, simply because they are not available for purchase. The only way a player could generate some of those actions is by spinning the slot machine

  • What to do when your friends attack your village/base?

It can be hard, being betrayed by your close friends. But in Coin Master, everyone is a target, a friend or random player, when it comes to raids it doesn’t really matter.

  • Why did I lose all my Stars?

Free Coins And Spins Blogspot

Well, it’s quite simple. Stars are acquired by building your village and upgrading your buildings. and are lost when someone attacks you and lands some direct hits to your base. You lose one star for each successful attack.

Screen Shots


We hope our guide has been useful to you and helps you have a better understanding of the Coin Master game.

Also, be sure to stick around as we update our links for everyday bonus spins and coins.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article, that we put a lot of time into creating.

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