How to Play Carrom Clash

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In Carrom Clash, matches often take place between 2 players where you need to pot all your respective pucks (black or white) except one which acts as a cover to the queen.

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  • Once you enter the game you or your opponent will be asked to place the striker for taking the shot. This is carried out by dragging the striker left to right on the striker line
  • Once you know where to strike, drag down your finger aiming at the coin and release to take the shot

You have committed a FOUL

If you pot the striker in pocket, it’s said to be a foul. Note: A penalty coin is returned to the board when a foul is committed

How to WIN?

  • The 1st player to pot all the pucks including queen is decided as winner.

Why Play Carrom Clash Game?

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What Is TapTap ?

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How Register In TapTap

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Refer And Earn Criteria🤑

Carrom Club Paytm Cash Apk Download Free

Carrom club paytm cash apk download

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How To Play Games In TapTap

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It is a game where you get a small ball and you have to get it up farthest you can take it the most of you make and more chances to win.


In this game you get a spinning lock which you have to take and stop where there is a yellow ball if you stop it it forward or backward your game will end.


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It is a very popular game where a bird flies and you have to take it as far as you can in order to score high and win more money.


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It is a game where a man is standing above the globe and a globe rotates and you have to jump with the timing in order to stay long.


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Carrom Club Paytm Cash Apk Download Android