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I know you must bewondering the possibilities of this. Well, a trial will surely convince you.

Firstly, I understand that almost all the internet users in Canada use Facebook. So, I won’t need to tell you again about how to open a Facebook account anymore but this must be done on Facebook app for both iOS and Android.

I will just start from how you can play live Facebook games show and discus other processes that follow till we get to the usage of Canadian PayPal to cash your money.

  • How is a Facebook live game show played?

You’ve gotten your Facebook account logged in right? Good!

Go to Facebook Watch and select it, with this, you’re good to go with playing any of the Facebook live game shows available, e.g. Confetti, which you can play with friends to earn yourself a chance to win some money. Every game on this app has some trivia questions for the users who wish to engage themselves in playing them. And any player that answered all their questions correctly clinches the cash prizes available for that game.

Your eligibility to winany of the live games is to meet up with the game at the very beginning. Thoughyour lateness doesn’t deny you of playing but it attached no prizes as you’reonly playing it for fun that way.

Register to play

Visit the page of the live game show, e.g. Confetti. You can easily locate a show by typing the name of that show on the Search engine you will see around the top of the screen.

Then you will see aplace where you will click to follow the game. After you have followed thegame, you will get notifications on any game you follow before they startanother live show of that game.

Play the game showlive:

  1. Open theapp on your Android and iOS phone
  2. Proceed tothat live game’s page by searching the game’s name on the search engine.
  3. Click the Follow signto connect to the live show. Accept Terms and Conditions for the game you wantto play and the countdown for the game you’re about to play will come up andstart to count for you to prepared and to make accurate calculations on eachquestions you’re to answer.
  4. You caninvite friends by tapping the Sharebutton at the bottom left of the screen, thenyou will click the Invite tag next to any name of the person you want toinvite.
  5. When thegame starts, you will be given a short time to provide answer for allquestions. Click anyone you think is right from the options they will bring asyour answer at the screen bottom. Friends that are playing will be displayed atthe top right hand corner of the screen, and you can check their answers duringthe game.

NOTE: This facebook live game shows can only beaccessible in few countries for now. Moreover, you can be alone, two, three ormore on a game but the questions must beanswered correctly to win and you only play to catch fun if you have missed aquestion and still continue playing, because this is very possible.

Now, how can you claim your money?

This is divided into three different sets of people.These are:

  • For 18 and over 18 people
  1. Click the Claim Prize tag on the screen at the exact place where you play the game immediately you have completed the game and the results have popped up for viewing.
  2. You will be asked to sign in to PayPal or get an account with them. You will be first asked toselect country if you are not in United State.
  3. Fill in the data you will be asked to fill and press Continue to continue.
  4. For Under 18 people (13-17 years of age).
  1. Click the Claim Prize tag on the screen at the exact place where you play the game immediately you have completed the game and the results have popped up for viewing.
  2. Read and accept the Players Under 18 details, and click Continue.
  3. Choose the parent’s of your choice or legal guardian’s details, and click Confirm. You can’t view the parent or guardian details of anyone except you’re friends.
  4. The parent of your choice or legal guardian shall be the one to receive your money in their PayPal account once the account is connected and succeeded in other Claim Prize methods.

Be reminded that any wins that may come again infuture shall also be automatically sent to this same account of that parent ofyour choice or guardian.

Maybe you might want to change the previously usedparent or guardian ahead of your subsequent win and this can actually be doneby clicking Get Started shows on Live Facebook Game Shows page on facebook.

  • When a parent or a guardian wants to claim his/herchild’s win money
  1. Immediately your child won, a notification will be sent to you through the Facebook account and email of the child and see a payout pending notification there.
  2. Beneath the Claim Prize, click Submit.
  3. Then, you will be told to sign in to create another account. You will be first asked to select countryif you are not in the United States.
  4. Confirm the information brings to you after registration and click Continue.
  5. The money your child won will now be cleared to your tendered PayPal account.

Haveyou tried all the steps above and couldn’t get your winnings in your account?Don’t Panic!

Try the following steps:

  • Install the new version of your Facebook app, older versions of the app might give you issues.
  • Check very well if maybe you’ve notconfirmed your email with PayPal
  • Check your account’sPayout Hub to look into your Payout Earnings maybe you still have an action asked by PayPal to execute which may hinder the payout process.

Your payout status can be confirmed after you must have won agame, adult, and done with the claim procedure.


You found it really interesting, right?

Even though you don’t know this sweetness side of Facebook before, but thank God you’re able to understand that the benefit of having a Facebook account is far better and full of fun than chatting alone.

With this way you’re been hinted now, you now understand that you stand a wide chance of getting rich through Facebook and not just dating.

Make sure the person you’re going to use is someone you can trust with all ranges so as to avoid fallen victims of jilt even when you might not face any difficulties n getting your wins from Facebook.

Are you searching on google how to get free PayPal money instantly no surveys?

Are you looking for the easiest and easiest way to earn money, then you have come to the right place. Do you have any idea how much money you are going to earn?

Do you also want to earn a lot of money online from home?

Today, which I am going to tell you, with the help of this method, you can earn a lot of money by just doing small tasks, but if you think that you will become rich overnight, then you are feeling completely wrong here. You can only take out your pocket money.

Win Money Through Paypal Without

Today I am going to tell you how to earn money through PayPal.


  • 1 What is PayPal id?

What is PayPal id?

Paypal is such a medium with the help of which you are in any country. You can transfer money from the country to any other country.

This is a medium that is very simple since we have a PayPal account; therefore, we can quickly transfer money to anyone in other countries.
Before Paypal’s arrival, it was quite difficult to transfer money to other countries because, at that time, the biggest challenge before us was that the currency of other countries was completely different, which we had a lot of difficulty in paying. Still, now after the arrival of PayPal, We can quickly transfer money to another country in our currency, and the payment it receives will be received from it in the same currency that it needs.

Paypal was started by Elon musk, which is considered to be the most revolutionary person of this century. He opened many companies and sold many companies.

Today he is running many companies at once, and all his companies are growing very fast. Talking about his wealth, he is the 31st-richest person in the world., and experts say that whatever technology he is working on, he can become the richest man in the world in the coming time. They are entirely different, and they always think of something new, and they do whatever they believe.

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Today I will tell you seven-ways, with the help of these methods you can easily earn free PayPal money instantly.

1. Play games and earn free $ 100 PayPal

If you like to play games, then this website is the best website, by visiting this website you can earn free PayPal money instantly.

You have to song puzzles by visiting this website, after solving the puzzle, you can easily earn money from here.
But the puzzles of this website are slightly different, which you may face problems in solving.

But if your mind is sharp and you can solve the puzzle quickly, then this website is for you, here you will get some exciting puzzle to play, you earned money for them and comfortably.

2. Online surveys. (best method to earn free PayPal money instantly

You can earn a lot of money by doing online survey, you have nothing to do, just go on say anything, you have to create your account by going there, and after creating an account, you have to complete the task given by that website to compile After that you will get some points.

Later on, the points will be converted into dollars.

This method is quite a popular way to earn free PayPal money instantly no human verification. Many people are using this method today to make a lot of money, but if you think that you will become wealthy with this money, then I apologize, guys, nothing like this is going to happen. This money is only for your pocket money and not to make you rich, I will tell you only the right things on this website.

Today a lot of companies conducting online surveys have come, and all those companies have opened their websites on the internet, but you should be cautious because most of the sites are fake, they can get you to work, but you get a fair price for it.

No, and many websites are such that it gets you working and does not give you money, and some sites give you money once or twice, due to which you get caught by it, and after that, you get your money.

Keeps you in pending; in this way, you do more work for her. Still, in the end, she does not give you money and after some time you tired. You also stop working on the site on it, today this type of website is full of internet You have to work very carefully, so I am telling you some survey website,

If you work on these sites then you will get money because this website is a little old website and many people are making money from here. But remember, you do not have to depend on them, you should spend a short time of your day working on these websites. Can.

In this list, I am telling you three survey websites, and you can earn a lot of money by working on these sites.

Survey junkie.

These are some best websites to earn free PayPal money instantly no human verification.

3. Ibotta

If you shop, do you do any online shopping, then this is a massive opportunity for you to earn money through Apple, because the website I am going to tell you will get a lot of offers on this website. You have to shop here, and you will find a lot of things related to groceries.

Which you use in your daily life, if you buy all those things, then you will get cashback on all those things, all those cashback will be saved in your account, and after a certain amount, that cashback will be deposited in your bank account. Or it will be transferred to PayPal’s account. Apart from the groceries here

you will get to see many things that you can buy and get an excellent cashback. The name of this website is Ibotta.

If all the goods reach your home safely, then you will receive a receipt with the value of that value, you click a photo of the creation. After clicking the picture, you upload that photo by going to the application of this website, and a few Soon, your photo will be verified, and you will get your cashback in your account.

Or there is an excellent website, and here you will also get good things. If you go and sign up from here, you will also get a bonus of $ 10 which you can use in your shopping.

By visiting this website, if you select PayPal in the payment method, then whatever amount will be made in your account on this website and will come directly to your Paypal account.

If you get $ 20 or more in your account, then it will transfer that money to your account directly. If you get $ 25 in your account, then you will also get a lot of gift card options in your purchase. It can be used.

Once the money is transferred from this website, then it comes to your account in less than 2 hours, but the people of these websites say that it takes more than 24 hours, but as far as they say That they get payment from here within one to 2 hours.

This is the best website for shopping and earns free PayPal money instantly no human verification.

4. InboxDollars

Inboxdollars is a company that is similar to Swagbucks. Within this company, it is the same as all-time skills, and this site is very similar to it, but it has some similarities in this website, you can earn a lot of money on this website while you do not have so many ways in the top box. You can find many ideas on this website, or the site Swagbucks is better.

In this site, you can do a lot of small jobs by surveying games and doing these things; you can easily earn money in your pay moment. This website is a money-making machine; there are many people here who keep working, Huh.

To work on this website, you will have to go to this website and create an account first. After creating an account, whatever work you will do on this website, and whatever you earn from it, all the money you earn will go to your account.

If your cash becomes $ 30 or more, then you can get it in your Paypal account. It takes at least 16 days to get money from your account to Paypal account, or there are many more options here. With the help of which option you can take payment in any other mode other than PayPal, in whatever way you make a payment,

you will have to wait for at least 16 days, sometimes money comes in 1 to 2 days, but at least You will have to wait for 16 days at least if you do not get your money even after 16 days. You can contact this website, but there are most chances that you get cash within 16 days. This website is another best website to earn free PayPal money instantly no human verification.

5. Rakuten

This is also a website from which you can earn a lot of money by shopping; there are more than 2500 shops on this website, the shops from which you can buy and get them at your home, you can buy them on their website.

Will be released, or you will have to shop using their mobile app, you will get a great discount on whatever purchase you make, here you get a discount of at least 40% on all goods due to which there will be a profitable deal here.

You just have to go shopping from here, and you will get some points on every purchase you make, and in the end, all those points will be converted into your money, and you can get that money in your PayPal account.

This is not a small company, it is a very big Japanese company, and here you will find a lot of Japanese things easily. If you like cool stuff, then you had a lot of modern Japanese through this site. You can order it at home, and you will get all the things here at a very low rate.

Here you will get a cashback on all the goods as well as promo codes. If you buy any of the products mentioned on this, then you will get a promo code. You can use that promo code on your next purchase. You will get a lot of benefits by using it, you can get the goods for a meager price and what position you will get on it means you are going to get a double benefit.

Here the means of paying money is paper, and you can send money through PayPal and receive your money in the same.
To get money, you should have at least $ 5 or more in your account, only then you can get that money in your PayPal account.
This website pays three times every month, so you have to be patient.

6. PrizeRebel

This is the best website on this list, and you can earn perfect money on this website, you do not need to work too hard, here you will get a lot of survey options, you can make a lot of money by surveying this website.

But it will take you only 15 to 20 seconds to create an account, in just such a short time your account will be poorly prepared and you will start earning money from here, on this site you will get gift cards of many significant sites. You will get them, and promo codes will also be found, you can use them to buy from other websites too.

There are many ways to pay on this website; you can pay with Paypal, your bank account, or even Bitcoin.

If you want to transfer the money earned from this website to your bank account, then you can transfer it to your bank account very quickly, there should be at least five changes in your account and from here you can in just 10 minutes Only your money will come in your account.

Still, you have to wait for at least 24 hours, as this website says, within 24 hours, your money comes into your account. (free PayPal money instantly)

7. Freelancing

If you also have a little knowledge, then with the help of that knowledge, you can earn millions and crores with this help, today freelancing is becoming very popular all over the world. one of my favorite method to earn free PayPal money instantly.

Many people are using this medium to earn crores of money today. If you just have an internet connection and a computer, then you can make money through this. It is considered to be one of the best means of earning money.

Today this type of website is also running a lot, today a lot of freelancing sites have come in the market, many companies are fake, who get work done from now on, but do not give you time to pay money and you get cheated. So, I will tell you about some very reputed and famous websites on which you get cash with a 100% guarantee,

you can earn a lot of money by working on their site, but you need to be patient. Today you will create an account, and today you will start earning money, you may take some time to learn and understand these websites, today many courses are available on YouTube, related to these in flight, my advice would be to go to those courses, and you will definitely Will be very much benefit.


This is a list of some of the best websites to earn free PayPal money instantly no human verification.

1. Fiverr
2. Upwork
3. Peopleperhour
4. Freelancer


In the end, I would like to tell you that you can make money through all these mediums. It has taken me a lot of hard work to gather this information and give it to you.

I have researched this post for several days and written about it in front of you. And I hope that you or my post will be liked because in this post I have told you all the things that you should know but be careful. After all, nowadays you need to be very careful on the internet if you are not alert.

You can get into trouble, and you will not get any benefit from your result, so first of all, be alert and read all the terms and conditions of the website and work on them only after reading the terms and conditions of the website. I have told you about a trusted site and all our popular websites, you can trust them, but if you are thinking of working on a website chosen by someone else, then you must check once on your behalf.

Because those websites have no confidence when this post cheats you if this post If you like it, then you will come to this site, I give you my real review here, and there will not be any wrong thing that will be told to you, whatever words I will show on WhatsApp will be correct.

Win Money Through Paypal Cash

free PayPal money instantly