What if someone told you that it was possible for you to use at least some of the time that you spend browsing on your phone to playing game apps to win money. Sounds crazy, right? Well, not really. There are actually a number of game applications out there that actually pay people to play games and allow them to earn rewards that can be converted to cold hard cash. And while these game apps won’t exactly be earning you enough to quit your day job, they can be a nice way to take a break and also earn a little extra cash. You can use it as some disposable money or even add it to your savings account!

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Do you want to earn extra cash while having fun? This guide will show you the best ways to earn money by playing games online.

It is for this reason that we decided to put together a quick list of 11 games that you can start playing to day and actually win some money. Keep in mind that payouts tend to vary for each app and are anywhere from pennies to a few dollars at a time. However, you can easily pick a couple of options from the list below and try them out.

1. PlayTestCloud

If you didn’t know already, there are actually a number of companies that will actually pay you to test websites. However, what is probably even more unknown is that there is also a subset of this industry that handles testing mobile games for money as well. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then you definitely need to check out PlaytestCloud. It essentially pays you to test out new games in development and to provide feedback. In exchange for giving feedback about functionality, features, and your overall enjoyment, you get paid PayPal cash. In most cases, the tests pay around $9 for a 15 minute session.

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However, the pay can increase depending on test length and other complicated tasks since game developers are free to ask testers to go in-depth with their reviews. The only tricky part is the fact that since this is a quality assurance job, you always have to provide in-depth feedback to do your job correctly. Moreover, you will need to take an unpaid test session to get approved as a future game tester.

2. MistPlay

Mistplay launched in 2017 and is already one of the best apps that pay you to play games. The goal of MistPlay is to become the number one loyalty program for mobile gamers. In short, you get to discover new games and earn rewards at the same time. And MistPlay essentially rewards players in the form of units. The longer you play, the more units you receive which can be exchanged for free rewards such as free Steam credit or Visa gift cards, among other options. You can earn even more by entering their weekly contests in which prize drawings are conducted. As of now this app is currently only available to Android devices.

3. Coin Pop

Genuine Money Earning Games Apps

Another similar but alternative option to apps like Mistplay is Coin Pop, which is another way to play mobile games and earn some money in the process. Moreover, it’s free and is available for Android devices. Like Mistplay, the idea behind Coin Pop is to download sponsored games, level up in-game, and earn free gift cards for your efforts.

The rewards are paid out in coins, which are redeemable for gift cards to Amazon, Play Station Store, Google Play, Steam, and many other options. The app has hundreds of thousands of reviews, making it one of the most popular and largest gaming rewards apps on this list. And while it may be a slow-earner list most of the rest on this list, it does at least still earn you something for your efforts.

4. Appstation

Appstation is another popular reward application that is similar to Mistplay and Coin Pop. It is also only available for Android devices. The premise is identical to other game apps that pay: install sponsored games, level up, and earn coins. On this app, if you earn 50,000 coins that is worth $5, and you can redeem those coins for free gift cards to stores like Amazon, Groupon, Walmart, Google Play credit, and even PayPal cash. This reward app has over 100,000 reviews and over 5 million users so it’s pretty much the largest competitor to Mistplay in the current market.

5. Gamehag

Gamehag is probably the most attractive and versatile reward app, especially for those who consider themselves real gamers. This is because it lets you earn rewards not just for playing random games but your favorite desktop and mobile games. Moreover, unlike Mistplay or Coin Pop which are mobile-only, Gamehag actually has an impressive selection of PC games. Some of which big titles such as; Magic: The Gathering Arena, Guild Wars 2, Rise of Kingdoms, and more.

Plus, when it comes to prizes, you can opt for free Steam games, gift cards and free video games eg. COD: Modern Warfare, The Witcher, and other premium titles. In other words, you are able to make money by playing games that you actually enjoy, unlike in most other reward apps. Plus, if you want to purchase a new video game but don’t want to spend money, you can earn some cash and get it for free with Gamehag!


6. Swagbucks

OnlineGenuine Money Earning Games

There are many different ways to earn while using the Swagbucks app, and games are just one of the many options. You’ll get rewarded with “swagbucks,” which can be redeemed for prizes or gift cards to major retailers like Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart and so on. Moreover, one of the cool ways you can earn using this app is by playing free games such as Swagasaurus Run or Swag Memory. There is a daily limit on how many swagbucks you can earn from each game, so you may want to come back every day to increase your earnings

7. Ready Games

Ready Games is a free app available on IOS and Android where you compete in mobile games against other players for a chance to win money. A new game drops every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the Ready Games platform. Upon which, you can compete against other players to reach the highest score. The top players split the pot of cash and winners can cash out every Wednesday. The prize pool is usually $1000 and is split between the winners. This is a particularly fun option due to the competition factor, whereas most apps that pay to play games are completely solo. If you want a competitive option to make money playing mobile games, then this is definitely worth considering.

8. Drop

Drop is a popular reward app that pays you for shopping through the app for sponsored offers. In a nutshell, Drop is a mix between websites like Rakuten and cash back apps like Pei. Shopping is definitely the main way to make money with the Drop app. However, Drop pays users to play games in a way that gives Mistplay a run for its money. Once you create a Drop account, you can download sponsored games from a wide variety of genres. Each game pays you Drop points for reaching a certain level, and there are games that pay between $10 and $20 worth of points for leveling up.

9. Bananatic

If you consider yourself a serious fan of mobile games, then Bananatic is the perfect choice for you. Not only can you win money and prizes for playing games through the app, you’ll also earn by testing and leaving reviews on the games you play. Plus, you will be helping game developers by testing their free games, all while earning cash and prizes. It has also created a fun community of mobile game lovers – so you can meet other like-minded players and discuss games, bugs, and game development.

Moreover, when you complete activities such as downloading and playing games, progressing levels, and writing reviews, you receive in-app currency that can be redeemed for digital content, paid games, and even gift cards. While some apps allow you to play free games to earn prizes, few offer a community where you’ll also find a fun and simple way to earn rewards.


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10. Inbox Dollars

If you’re more interested in earning cash than rewards points, then Inbox Dollars is an excellent option. This app pays cash for doing the things you already do on your phone and has apparently paid out over $30 million since its inception. You’ll find a vast selection of games to play in order to earn cash, including both free and paid games. You only need to spend a few minutes every day for the savings to add up. Most players usually average earnings per activity range from $0.25 – $5.00. As such, it’s easy to accumulate a significant amount of savings very quickly.

Additionally, unlike most other reward apps, you can redeem your earnings for actual cash instead of gift cards and physical prizes. So, you can pull out your earnings from the app and put it right into your savings or investment accounts.

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11. Boodle

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Boodle is a free mobile application that you can download and will reward you for trying out new apps and games. Players will basically earn Boodle coins every time you try out a new game or app. And you can earn coins for other activities too, such as answering questions, completing special offers, discovering deals and referring friends. You can then use the coins you earn to get gift cards to retailers like Chipotle, Nike, Amazon and more. As of now it is only available on the Android app store.

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