Instant Paytm Cash Earning Apps 2020 Here We Are Providing Top #5 Instant Paytm Cash Earning Apps 2020. Which Apps Giving Instantly Free Paytm Cash For Downloading Apps And Referring To Your Buddy. Below Listed 5 Apps That Gives Paytm Cash On 2020 On-words. And All Are Genuine And Verified By Us. You May First Look. Top best free recharge top up android apps, top recharge app, best free recharge apps 2015, top free recharge android apps, android recharge app recharge.

Top/Best 10 Free Recharge/Talktime/Top up Android apps

top 10 free recharge app for android: Here i am Showing Top apps for Get Recharges free of Cost from Android Mobile Phone. I Have tried many free recharge apps, but these are the some top Best free Recharge AppsAndroid i am sure you gonna love these apps. These all apps are genuine & Working perfectly without any issues. So these are Top 10 best free recharge top up android apps.

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top 10 free recharge app for android

Day By Day, Internet Packs rates are increasing. So, I am sharing list of recharge apps, in which you can get recharges free of cost without any issue. Must tryout these apps, For get most out from your Android Mobile Phone. Biggest Benefit from your Android phone is that you will get big list of apps, in which some apps are recharge apps. In which, you can earn recharge by downloading apps & Refer your friends. So Check full list of Top Recharge apps of Android Mobile Phones & Get Most out from your Android Mobile Phone. also checkout more free recharge tricks from trickswalebaba site.

Best Genuine Earning Apps

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Quick Look at Best Recharge Apps

  • CashBoss
  • ChampCash Refer Id = 89010
  • Ola CabsRefer Code – N52CEH

#1 Earn Talktime – 132rs / Refer

Earn Talktime is the highest Paying Free Recharge app, which is offering flat 132 rs per successful refer. You will get refer money if your friend downloads app from your refer link. Refer money will be distribute as following basis.

When Friend Downloads app – 12rs

When Friend Downloads at least one app from earn talktime – 20 rs

When Friend Earns Minimum 160 rs – 100 rs

So, Total Earnings from one friend will be 132 rs. You can also earn by Download apps form offer page. So, must checkout & try this app. Will surely work for you without any issues at all.

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#2 Mcent – 40 rs per Refer

Mcent is from one of the old recharge app, Which offers huge amount of money for downloads apps & refer your friends. You will get refer money, once your friend downloads mcent app from your refer link & install at least one app from mcent. So must try out this app. there is no limit for earn recharges via this app. you can earn unlimited recharges with this app. So download this app from below & Check it out.

40 rs refer money – When friend downloads Mcent app & Complete at least one offer.

#3 Joy – Rs 10 per refer

Joy is from most of the popular app for recharge. This app gives instant money, as soon as your friend register on Joy Mobile app. you have to share your refer link with your friends & you will earn money. You can do your prepaid / postpaid mobile recharges & also you can do your DTH Recharge with this app. So this app is better from other app in this case because you can also do postpaid recharges & DTH Recharges. Download app from below & Check it out.

Rs 10 Per refer – Instantly When friend register on Joy app.

#4 Pokkt – 30rs / refer

This app also known as Pocket money app. This app is offering flat 30 rs per refer. You have to share your refer link with your friends & you will get rs 30 as soon your friend downloads this app. You can also earn by downloads apps from offer page. So Guys, download this app now & start earning free recharge. This app is highest payer app in comparison to other apps, because you have to share your refer link with your friends, as soon your friend downloads pokkt app from your refer link, you will get 30 rs into your wallet. your friend doesn’t needs to download any extra app for getting refer money to you. So download the app now !!

Rs 30 refer money – When Friend Joins Pokkt app

#5 CashBoss – 20 rs / refer

This app is offering rs 20 per refer. You will get referred amount, when your friend downloads at least one app form Cashboss app. This app is from the most genuine apps. This app can do your recharges Instantly without any waiting time. Earn recharges from this app via refer your friends & Download apps without any issues at all. With this app, you can do your internet packs. calling recharges etc or your choice. So this app is better in this situation, because other apps doesn’t offers to do special packs like mcent or earn talktime etc. Download the app from below.

Download CashBoss

#6 Ladoo – Best Recharge app

Best Genuine Earning Apps

Ladoo is from one of the old app for getting free recharges. With Ladoo app, you can earn unlimited recharges. This app changes it’s refer amount daily. This app is offering from rs 10 – 51 rs / Successful refer. You will get refer money. as soon your friend downloads Ladoo app from your refer link & Complete at least one offer from Ladoo app. you can earn unlimited recharges with this app. You can do your prepaid / postpaid mobile recharges & DTH Recharges with this app. So download this app from below & Earn Recharges free of cost.

#7 Champ Cash – 1$ Sign up Bonus

Champ Cash is best app for earn real Money. all above listed apps was the recharge apps. But this app is different in this case. With this app, you can earn real money for refer your friends. This app have 7 levels of earning money. For example, you have referred your one friend, & your friend referred more friends, you will still get some money from it because this app works with a type of chain system. In which both of you will earn some money & Enjoy this app. you can also redeem gift cards, mobile recharges & transfer real money to your bank account. This app is also offering 1$ joining bonus. So download this app from below & must try this app.

#8 Amulyam – Rs 7 / refer

Amulyam is from one of the old app for earning free recharges. With this app, you can earn free recharges via refer your friends or download apps & completing surveys like sign up on sites etc. This app have number of offers for earning free recharge. You can share your refer link with your friends & you will get rs 7 as soon your friends Register on Amulyam app.

#9 Free Plus – Rs 5 / Refer

Free Plus is offering rs 5 per successful refer. With this app you can earn unlimited money by downloading apps & by referring your friends. This app is very similar with the Amulyam app. This app is also offering some bonus for daily login into this app. So you can earn Recharges from this app easily. Download link is given Below. Check it out.

Best earning online

#10 Ola Cabs – Rs 150 / Refer

Ola cab is an app, in which you can book taxi for you. As Sign up bonus, you will get rs 150 coupon. Which you can apply & get rs 150 on your ride. You just have to Sign up into Ola Cab app. & While sign up, don’t forget to apply my ola cabs referral code – N52CEH. After successfully with up with this refer code, then you will get coupon code. Enter your location or it will automatically capture your location. After that, Click on Apply promo code & apply it. Now Click on Ride now button & Call the driver. As soon you reach your destination area, your ride will be automatically discounted with 150 rs. So enjoy your free ride with ola cab refer code.

Top 10 free Recharge Apps for Android

So guys, this was the list for top recharge apps for your android Smartphone. you can use these apps daily, & earn unlimited free recharges. you will be never need to goto recharge shops, for recharge your phone. never Pay for recharges, use these recharge apps & simple earn by download apps & refer your friends. there are millions of apps available on play store, f0r get recharges. but i have Posted best apps, which are genuine & provide free recharges. so must have a look at these apps. these apps are the 100% genuine, and i know, you will also enjoy using these apps.

Most Trending Now


These was the top apps, for root your Smartphone. Now, checkout these apps, do let me know in the comment section below, that which app you liked the Most.

Nowdays, getting recharge is became very easy, for normal users who can download apps. if you have WiFi connection in your house, then it will be a lot easier for you to Get free recharge by downloading apps. there are many apps available these days, who says that they can provide you free recharge. but some of the are fake recharge apps & some of them are genuine. so in this post, i am Presenting a guide for Top Recharge Apps for Android. you can download any apps from above list easily, without any issues at all.

If you are downloading apps, from offer page from any app, then keep in mind that you have not installed app previously. because, if you have installed app previously, then you will not get reward for download app again. because, apps reward will be given to you only for first time. i hope you understand this. Best way to earn from recharge apps, is refer your friends. you can share your refer link in many places, like you can share your refer link in Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups etc or with your friends. ask them to install apps from your refer link & then you will get free recharges without download apps.

Final Words

These was the some top apps for getting Free Recharges. You can checkout all the apps from above list, all apps are tried by me & They are 100% genuine apps. So Guys, Must Try out all these apps in your Android Mobile Phones. I Hope you will like this post. Top Free Recharge apps Android.


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Top Recharge Apps for Android

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If you love to play trivia, did you know that there are apps that actually reward you with real cash if you win? In some cases, it can be in the four or even five figures, sometimes even more if the app is running a promotion. It really depends on the number of people playing at the time.

And if you’re unfamiliar with these trivia apps, it’s quite simple.

You’re asked a question, and usually, you only have 5 to 10 seconds to answer it. If you get it right, you can move onto the next round, but if you get it wrong, well, then most of the time you get the boot unless you have some sort of extra life.

Most apps have about 10 questions, and generally, you need to answer them all right to get part of the cash pot. The amount you win will depend on the number of people who won and the total cash size. For instance, if 1,000 people won the $10,000 pot, you would get $10.

These apps usually run a show once a day or sometimes multiple times a day. Some have no schedule. It just depends on who you sign up with.

All of the apps I’m about to list are 100% free and offers real cash prizes. Sign up for as many as you please to potentially win big!

Let’s begin…

NOTE: As a quick note, there are other apps where you can win money, but in this post, I’m focusing on trivia apps only.

Best Genuine Earning Apps

Swagbucks LIVE

100K installs, 4.2/5 rating

If you have been peeking around the site, you probably already know by now that I promote Swagbucks quite a bit. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s by far one of my favorite ways to make a few extra dollars in my free time simply by answering survey questions and completing offers. There’s a lot to do and it’s quite easy to make $200+ a month in doing so. 100% free to join and a great way to earn a few dollars on the side.

Well, as part of Swagbucks, they have the very popular Swagbucks LIVE app, which is an interactive trivia app where you can win $1000s every week just by answering 10 IQ trivia questions. Not only that, but you can win Swagbucks as well, so you will want to make sure you open an account to play.

To sign up, you will need a Swagbucks account to play so make sure you follow the link below (it offers a bonus), sign up and then search for Swagbucks LIVE to get the download link.

  • Website:Swagbucks LIVE

HQ Trivia

5M installs, 3.7/5 rating

Quite possibly the most popular trivia app that offers cash prizes, HQ trivia is a live game show, simply meaning you have to log in at a certain time of the day to answer the questions. It makes you feel as if you’re part of a live game show.

The app is fun, but the only annoying thing to me is usually listening to the host and waiting for a particular time to play. This can annoying to some if you want to play right now. Glitches are a huge problem as well with buffering and freezing issues.

The game part, aside from the host, is actually quite fun.

You simply have a few seconds to answer the question and every time you get it right, you can jump to the next round. If you make it until the end, then you can split the pot with the players who are left, often a dollar or so. I know, it’s not much, but when you’re competing with hundreds of thousands of people, a lot of people win, drastically lowering the payout.

If you do decide to join, be sure to turn on the notifications so that you’re alerted when they are about to start.

Out of all options, this should be your number one, but do keep in mind that a lot of people play, which could mean a smaller pot size.

  • Website:HQ Trivia

Play and Win

500,000+ installs, 4.3/5 rating

The Play and Win app is said to be a fun and exciting trivia game where you can test your knowledge and answer trivia questions to collect points, at least according to the description. If you rank high enough, you can win cash prizes.

A new game starts every hour and offers questions on a variety of topics, including history, sports, culture and much, much more.

The app is 100% free to download and requires no in-app purchases.

  • Website:Play and Win


100,000+ installs, 4.3/5 rating

Givling is a lot different than the apps already mention in that everyone works together to help pay off some sort of debt, such as your student loans, mortgage, etc. It has a pretty cool cause.

Twice a day, you can play the Givling game to compete for large cash rewards, sometimes as high as $10,000+.

And every time you play, you will join forces with a three-person team where you will answer true/false questions until you strike out or reach the stated limit. The more you answer, the higher your score will be. The biggest difference, as you can see, is that you will have to work as a team instead of on your own.

In the end, if your team has the highest reward, you can equally split the cash reward.

Aside from earning points from the game, you can also interact with the app’s sponsor to help move to the top of the “Queue” to earn even more.

  • Website: Givling


1M+ installs, 4.3/5 rating

Only available to Android users, the QUIZ REWARDS apps lets you play at any time, where you can answer questions in more than 16 different categories.

The goal here, much like the many other trivia apps, is to answer 12 questions as fast as you can. The faster you are, the more points you can essentially earn.

If you earned enough points at the end of the round, then the app will reward you with points, in which you can then cash out for a variety of cool prizes such as Amazon gift cards and more.

  • Website:QUIZ REWARDS


500K+ installs, 3.7/5 rating

Joyride is unique in a way that you can actually create your own trivia show and allow the community to participate.

Now, what’s cool is that you can always browse for a new game and try to find one that’s offering a cash prize.

Like the many apps already mentioned, you will need to place near the top to be a candidate for the cash.

Aside from playing live trivia shows, you can also watch dating shows, music shows and much more. Seeing it’s created by people like you and me, I guess you never know what to expect.

  • Website: Joyride

IQ Jackpot

1K+ installs, 3.7/5 rating

This app doesn’t have a lot of downloads, but it seems to offer cash nonetheless.

According to the description, each question will show inside an image and it’s your job to guess what it could be. As long as you answer correctly within eight seconds, you can stay in the game.

To win, simply answer all the questions correctly to earn cash. Pretty much no different than the others.

  • Website:IQ Jackpot


100K+ installs, 3.9/5 rating

NOTE: Appears to be inactive as of September 2019

Bethewone offers a daily live quiz show, up to five times a day with cash up for grabs during every show.

All you need to do is answer nine questions correctly and score more than 400 points to qualify for the cash prize.

It’s free to download and is even available in five different languages.

  • Website: Bethewone

Perk Pop Quiz!

100,000+ installs, 4.2/5 rating

Like most of the trivia apps I already mentioned, Perk Pop Quiz! works in the same exact way. Answer questions correctly and get rewarded.

The more answers you get correct, the more points you can earn, which can then be exchanged for a variety of rewards, including gift cards or even cash.

Not only can you earn points, but you’re also automatically entered to win cash prizes up to $50 just for playing and getting high scores.

You can start playing whenever you want and choose from more than 400+ trivia categories.

  • Website: Perk Pop Quiz!



10,000+ installs, 4.1/5 rating

Tellie is kind of new to the trivia game, but it appears to work similarly to that to HQ Trivia as you have to play at certain times and listen to a host.

According to the app, they have a rotating lineup of “fresh, immersive” shows that encourage the audience to become part of the experience.

From the “In Or Out” game, which allows you to spin the wheel for free cash to “Word Up,” which is a unique word-like game that requires you to type in word or words until you complete a question.

More than just trivia, it’s a great app to consider if you want to do more than just answer trivia questions for cash.

  • Website: Tellie

The app store is filled with a ton of trivia apps, both good and bad, of course.

And the sad thing is that you may find one you like and all of a sudden, they won’t be active anymore. I saw so many apps that had to “retool.” I think this is a nicer way to say they are shutting down. As this is quite a competitive industry and it’s hard to make money for the providers, many simply can’t keep up with the prizes they offer.

Best Real Money Earning Apps And Games

I tried my best to keep the best free ones on this list, but do keep in mind that you will find others that I didn’t note.

And the reason I didn’t include a lot of them is based on the fact that they often charge you money to play — a huge scam. If you ever download a trivia app that requires you to pay to play, don’t do it as you will only get yourself into trouble! You will never see this money again.

As a fun way to pass the time and test your knowledge, download a few and get the hang of them. If you feel you can answer a good amount of trivia questions, then you may find yourself winning a few bucks, you never know! Even if you don’t win, you’re at least learning something new, right?

Don’t expect to get rich. Instead, look at it as a fun way to earn a few dollars in your spare time.

Best Real Money Earning Apps In India

Want $5 free?

Try out Swagbucks, the most popular reward program I make the most money with. Simply answer survey questions and get paid!