When it comes to making money online from apps, most of the times you have to spend a lot of time in watching videos, taking long surveys, or download unwanted games etc.

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In this video, you will learn about 5 apps that pay you PayPal money for watching videos. These apps are all free and many of them give you lots of other options for earning money as well. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below! People, resources, and examples. Making money by watching videos is now very easy, as there are many different ways to get money for watching videos. Earning on advertising has reached a new level - you just have to make a couple of clicks, watch a short video, and the money is already in your pocket. A Rev Captioner job is one of the easy ways to earn money by watching videos online. As a Rev Captioner, you have to watch the video and type what is being said on that video or audio. You can earn anywhere from $27 to $45 per hour. It is one of the better-paying work from home jobs that involve watching videos and captioning.

Luckyfor you now, I will share with you these amazing apps that not require you to trade time for money.

Here are some of the genuine money making apps you can use to make money passively, doing nothing literally.

Cashback/Shopping Apps

Most of the people now do shop online for their regular grocery and are doing retail shopping fairly often.

And who doesn’t like to get paid a portion their money by doing shopping at different stores.

There are may apps and websites they pay you

Luckily there are some great apps out there like Ibotta and Rakuten that give you as much as 40% back on some purchases, almost on autopilot.

1. Ibotta

With Ibotta, you can get paid to scan your receipts or put your grocery store card on file. You can also get paid to shop at places like CVS or Hotels.com and may popular locations.

in Ibotta the withdrawal limit is $20 to cash out and you can get paid via PayPal money.

Just remember that you can’t pile up receipts and scan them later. You have to scan them within a week of purchase in ibotta.

Ibotta also has a referral program that lets you earn extra money off people who sign up with your link similarly magicpin also has the same offer.

You will get a $10 bonus after scanning their first receipt and you get a $5 bonus.

And you will also get occasional promotions that pay more for referrals.

2. Magicpin

It is similar to ibotta you can also use the Magicpin app which pays well.

There are many popular retailers and e-commers sites in magicpin which you can use to get a cash back by scanning your receipts within 24hours to get full cash back.

It also has a referral program that lets you earn extra money off people who sign up.

3. Rakuten

Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is a great app and there is also a browser extension for getting cashback from online purchases from just about anywhere i.e website.

Rakuten has a lot of stores that you can get cashback from, from small e-commers stores to large retail gaints it has covered, just by having free Rakuten app or extension you can start earning money.

It does have a referral program with which you can get $25 and they get $10 when a new user signs up with you invite link but the user should spend $25 to get your referral money.

Data Collection Apps

Data collection apps pay you pretty straight forward. Many apps pay you to keep the app installed on your phone and let them collect data on what websites you like or maybe what apps you use which they in turn use for their studies in understanding consumer behaviour.

Here are some of the best money making apps that pay you to do nothing, here are a few that will pay you for your data that is already being collected by many apps, websites, phone manufacturers, etc.

4. Panel App

Do you want to earn points to redeem for prizes, rewards and sweepstakes entries by just going about your day?

Earn points by taking location-based surveys and sharing your location. Use points towards great prizes, rewards, sweepstakes, gift cards, and more!

With the Panel App, you can earn money in the form of sweepstakes and prizes by keeping the app installed on your phone. they have surveys where you can take to earn extra cash

Panel App is a free mobile loyalty club that has paid out over $2 Million in cash and prizes.

You can get the Panel App on their official website here.

5. MobileXpression

When it comes to data collection apps, MobileXpression has been one of the more well-known ones for a while.

MoblieXpression is the trusted market research community where members earn rewards.

Also, if you’re in the U.S., you will get a free $5 amazon gift card when you sign up.

MobileXpression pays you for letting them track your usage of the internet for market research purposes. They also have surveys you can take to earn extra cash.

As a member of MobileXpression, you also can earn rewards through weekly sweepstakes as long as you have the app installed and running.

The only requirement of this app is that you should be 18 years plus.

You can get the MobileXpression App on their official website here.

6. Embee Meter CX

Embee Meter CX is another data collection app that pays you based on your location.

You can earn $0.10-$2 per day or more via PayPal money with it installed in your device.

There’s no ads. No videos to watch. Nothing to click on.

In order to cash out, you’ll need at least $5 in earnings.

You can get the Embee Meter CX App on their official website here.

7. SavvyConnect

You are a VIP when you install SavvyConnect on your smartphone, desktop and/or tablet. Get $5 per device each month plus access to special surveys and expedited payments.

If you want to get paid passively for data collection as well as from referrals, you can earn up to around $180 per year with SavvyConnect.

Bonus you will also get $5-$15 on completion of projects by the referred candidates.

You can get the SavvyConnect App on their official website here.

Auto-Investing Apps

Important Note: I’m not a financial advisor, nor do I claim to be one. You should consult a certified advisor before doing any investments. This is just for educational purpose only.

Auto-Investing apps (or robo-advisor apps) are great for helping you build wealth over a long period of time.

There are many apps and that take low fees to automate your investing, as these apps use software to analyse than active account manages.

Another benefit to these is the fact that you can get started with a small investment and slowly increase your portifolio.


8. Acorns

Invest automatically invests your spare change (if you opt in) and lets you invest as little as $5 any time.

For example, if you bought a coffee for $5.50, it would round up the purchase to $6 and invest the extra $0.50.

This way, you would never really have to think about investing. It would be on autopilot.

In under 5 minutes, get investment accounts for you and your family, plus retirement, checking, ways to earn more money, and grow your knowledge.

So that you don’t have to be an expert on what particular assets to invest in they have groups based on the investment type.

The asset groups are sorted into 5 levels based on how aggressive or safe you want to be.

If you’re not sure how aggressive to be, read a book like Money Master The Game by Tony Robbins. In that book, many top investors recommend you invest more aggressively when you’re young and more conservatively when you’re older.

Join over 9M people! Get started in minutes, & give your money a chance to grow in the background of life

They have flat-fee payment plans that cost around $1, $2, or $3 per month.

So, because they don’t charge a percentage and instead charge a flat monthly fee, the more money you have in your Acorns account, the lesser percentage you’re paying and the more your portfolio can grow.

You can get the Acorns App on their official website here.

9. Stash

Stash is another great app that lets you invest passively for long term.

Stash is an investment app that offers fee-free trades, fractional share investing, and account fees starting at $1 per month.

This means you can invest in companies with really high stock prices like Amazon or Apple without having to have a minimum of one stock.

You can instead just purchase fractional shares of large companies. This is an amazing feature and one of my favorite.

Another perk with Stash is the low monthly payments. These are nice because they can save you money as you grow your portfolio.

When you mostly pay a flat monthly rate, as the portfolio grows you rate stays the same, so you pay a lower percentage in fees as time goes on.

On top of all that, you can invest with as little as $1, so that’s just another reason Stash is a great for someone who wants to invest passively, for a long term without much financial burden

You can get the Acorns App on their official website here.

Would you like to earn money by watching videos online? You can make money by watching videos like commercial ads, movies, and TV shows online as usual without any expense.

There are many websites and mobile apps available that willpay you cash simply for watching short videos and TV show trailers. The videosare very short, and users can watch multiple clips to make more money.

These “get paid to” websites will help you to get money sitting on the couch and changing TV channels, just by using your phone to watch videos.

The Best Ways to Earn Money by Watching Videos Online

Here is a list of the best apps and websites where you can earn money for watching videos online in your spare time.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the best platform to make money by watching videos online. It has a range of videos: news, movies, sports and brand video ads. With this platform, your earning opportunity is higher than other similar sites.

You can use Swagbucks’s apps or website to get points.Swagbucks has an app for both Android and iOS to view your latest deals on yoursmartphone or tablet.

It is a good site not only for watching videos, but also making money by surfing the web, taking online surveys & answers, and shopping online. You can easily redeem your earning points to PayPal cash or gift cards.

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2. Rev Captioner

A Rev Captioner job is one of the easy ways to earn money by watching videos online. As a Rev Captioner, you have to watch the video and type what is being said on that video or audio.

You can earn anywhere from $27 to $45 per hour. It is one of the better-paying work from home jobs that involve watching videos and captioning.

It is the highest paying freelance job position. Anyone canapply for Rev captioner work, but applicants have to pass a test before gettinghired.

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3. MyPoints

MyPoints offers a wide range of earning options for various tasks. You will also earn points when you watch video playlists.

It contains many types of video categories on the dashboard.When you watch clips from one of your favorite programs or categories, you willget points.

You can convert your total points to a retailer gift card orcash. It’s your choice: unlike many sites that only offer gift cards, you canredeem points for real money in your PayPal account.

Whether you have a smartphone or tablet, you can use theMyPoints TV app. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

If you want to watch videos through their website, you have to use the website on a desktop or laptop computer.

Mypoints is a good site to earn PayPal money with little efforts.

4. GetPaidTo

You can get paid to watch videos, do surveys, play games, and more. GetPaidTo will pay you to do very simple tasks, and some of those tasks include watching videos online.

GetPaidTo is offering points for quick tasks and completingonline wall offers. This site is one of the most recognized websites on theinternet when it comes to GPT websites.

How does Get Paid To Work?

To get points, click a video that you like, watch the fullvideo, and you will earn points.

Keep in mind that if you close or click out of the video before it has ended, you will not be awarded points.

Users can quickly exchange points for gift cards at popularretailers like Walmart and Amazon, or you can send cash to your PayPal or bankaccount.

GetPaidTo also offers a referral program. If you refer yourfriends, you will get 15% commission on any points your friend earns, pluspoints for sub-referrals.

This site gets good ratings from real people on the public review sites like Trustpilot.

Getpaidto.com has received a five-star rating, which is veryuncommon for a website like this. A lot of people like this site. More than 80%of the reviewers gave an excellent five-star rating where all the other siteshave percentages that are very low. It’s a legit site where you can earn moneyby watching videos online.

5. Perk.tv

Perk.tv is another good site for earning money by watching video ads. You will get Perk points or Tokens by watching movie and app trailers and other promotional videos.

In addition, you can make cash for simple tasks like answering pop quizzes, web searches, and shopping online.

The app will display collected videos so that users canwatch them on mobile or computer.

Like other get paid sites, you are able to redeem Perk Points for cash, merchandise, donate to charity, gift cards, and other rewards.

6. Inbox Dollars

Make Money Watching Movies

Inbox Dollars is another good site to earn money for watching TV online. It contains lots of short videos on a daily basis.

It’s the most popular Swagbucks alternative. You can seeshort clips from TV shows, new movie previews, news clips, sports highlights,and advertisements right on your phone or laptop.

Inbox Dollars gives you a $5 cash bonus for signing up. It’san easy way to get paid with a simple and fun activity.

Inbox Dollars has been in the business for over fifteen years and paid members over $50 million in cash rewards. It’s a legit company you can sign up with to try to earn some extra cash today.

7. Viggle

Viggle rewards you to watch your favorite TV shows.

You can install the Viggle app on both iOS and Android devices, and then you will get paid for interacting with your favorite TV shows and live streaming. It has an easy option to watch videos and live TV on your smartphone or tablet.

It allows you to earn points every time you watch videos or also listen to music. Those points you received can be redeemed for cash and prizes.

How Much Can You Earn With Viggle?

Viggle allows users to earn up to 60,000 points per month. The number of points that you get depends on the video or music in the playlist.

They have an option to withdraw earnings through your PayPal account. Choose PayPal Cash as a redeem method and convert your collected points to cash, then transfer to your PayPal account.

8. Watch YouTube Videos

Paid2YouTube is another site that will pay you to watch videos daily. To make money from this method, you need to sign up an account on their site and watch YouTube promotional clips.

If you want to increase your daily earnings, you can ratevideos, leave comments, and subscribe to YouTube channels. You also get areferral bonus when your friends join with Paid2YouTube.

When you reach the Paid2YouTube minimum threshold of $10, they will pay your cash via PayPal.

9. Netflix

Netflix Tagger is another great way to earn money by watching videos. If you’d love to watch Netflix TV shows all day, it might be the best fit for you.

Netflix tagger job duties include tagging, annotating, researching, rating, and analyzing movie and TV content on the Netflix platform. All tagger job opening positions are posted weekly on the Netflix job board. Go to the job page and search “tagger” in order to find newly available positions.

10. Nielsen TV

Are you interested in learning how to get paid to watch TVwith Nielsen? With Nielsen TV, you can earn two ways: get paid to watch videosthrough Nielsen Digital Voice, and participate in Nielsen TV Ratings.

Nielsen Digital Voice allows you to watch shows on your laptop, tablet, or Android or iOS mobile devices. Download the Nielsen app to watch episodes of favorite TV shows and videos online.

Nielsen TV Ratings is best for traditional television viewers, who can earn money by becoming a Nielsen family member.

How Can I Earn Money By Watching Videos

11. App Trailers

AppTrailer will pay you to watch trailers. This mobile app advertising platform rewards you in points for watching short videos. The points you earn can be redeemed for instant gift cards, cool prizes, and Paypal money.

The AppTrailers app contains trailers for various new apps.You can earn money for uploading videos and getting likes on AppTrailer.

Once you’ve obtained enough points, you can redeem them forgift cards like Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Google Play, and more.

12. FusionCash

FusionCash is another get-paid-to site where you are able to make money for completing offers.

You can make money by taking surveys, cash back shopping, and watching videos, as well as other ways. It will give you a $5 bonus just for joining.

FusionCash includes several payment methods to receive yourmoney, including checks, direct deposit, and PayPal.

13. GrabPoints

GrabPoints is another place where you will get points and earn money by watching videos online. It is a good site so you will get paid to watch ads on your phone.

After earning the minimum amount of points required, you can redeem your points as cash or gift cards.

To maximize your earnings, you need to watch as many as little videos you want. More and more videos you watch, the greater your earnings will be.

Your cash will be sent out to your PayPal or gift card options. Generally, you will receive your rewards within 48 hours.

14. Earnably

Earnably is one of best get paid to websites where it will pay you Paypal cash for completing specific tasks such as watching videos, downloading apps, and taking surveys.

It’s completely free to use and easy to get started.

You will get points for completing offers. How much are points worth? One hundred points equal 1$ Paypal cash.

Earnably has a referral program so you will receive 10% referring new users. It is a good website that has a lot of different ways for you to earn points.

15. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a free GPT rewards site where members are rewarded for completing tasks. It provides points exchange for gift cards, cash, and merchandise.

You can also earn money for other interesting tasks like taking surveys, fill out offers, internet searches, gaming contest, and more.

There is a Referrals program so earn between 20-30% of what your referrals earn. You may redeem your points balance for a PayPal cash payment or ACH bank transfer.

Earn Money By Watching Videos

16. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost another great website to earn money by watching videos. In your free time, you can watch some TV shows for making money. Watch videos, get points, and then you can turn into gift cards and to PayPal cash. On this site 100 points = $10

17. InstaGC

Get Money For Watching Youtube

InstaGC is another get-paid-to website where you can earn gift cards and cash in exchange for watching videos, testing apps, shopping, and completing tasks and surveys. It is open to worldwide users. It has an affiliate program to maximize your earning potential.

Apps To Make Money By Watching Videos Without

18. SendEarnings

SendEarnings is a good site to get paid to watch ads on your computer or phone. This site is owned by leading GPT platform InboxDollars. SendEarnings partnered with many most trusted brands in retail and market research so that you have more earning opportunities.

Summary of earn money by watching videos

How To Make Money Watching Youtube

You can earn money for watching video ads in your free time.You will get paid to watch on your smartphone or laptop wherever you are.

These apps and sites will pay you to watch videos, but you cannot receive a decent amount of cash. If you’d like to get good income in the long term, you should consider building a real online business to make money this year.

However, if you want a fun and easy way to make a littleextra spending money, these get paid to watch videos options may be right foryou. You can earn some pocket money to help out with expenses or just for extrafun.

Have you earned cash for watching videos online ortelevision? Let me know your experience with these websites in the comment section.